College of Public Affairs & Community Service



Community Renewal Fund

A social innovation fund to strengthen communities and build thought leaders for our future.


The College of Public Affairs & Community Service (PACS) has a long history of social entrepreneurship and community outreach. In fact, PACS grew from these ideals with a mission focused on providing students opportunities to strengthen community through their educational experiences. Our hope is that you will use this high-impact fund to develop and implement bold ideas that strengthen and transform communities.

The PACS Community Renewal Fund is a Social Innovation Fund that champions meaningful and effectual collaborations between students, faculty and community leaders. Annual awards will support entrepreneurial initiatives that respond to social problems across the community. In the same way that innovation in technology is driven by unique competitions challenging Text Box: On Facebook:  Visit the PACS Challenge Room.  The challenge room is a forum where community members discuss a specific issue that needs to be addressed, and is a mechanism to get students and faculty thinking about solutions to problems facing our community.  These community members may be the perfect partners for projects or may provide pathways to additional collaborations for project development.engineers to build the better rocket, develop more energy-efficient cars, and create the next major leap in technology, PACS’ Community Renewal Fund will drive similar innovations to strengthen communities in a myriad of critical areas such as aging, public safety, local governments, homelessness, disasters, veterans, disabilities…and many others. 


Our Fund is designed to provide a foundation for a perpetual stream of collaborative initiatives that will help make UNT a model for enduring university/community partnerships that address and solve deep-rooted social problems. 


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